Zoom Alternatives for Large Meetings & Webinars 2020:

The rise in pandemic has shown some clear cut examples of windfall profits. Many digital platforms have gained popularity and profit, due to the pandemic. Zoom is one among them that has been reaping benefits with the prevailing situation of staying home. Zoom has gained traction within a short span of time as the go-to video conferencing app. The app has increased its daily users from 10 million to 200 million in the last month. Despite the skyrocketing growth of the video conferencing app, security issues have been speculating among many users. A few countries have advised its people to refrain from the use of the top-grossing app. Here are a few alternatives that can be used without compromising the quality and the benefits.

Cisco Weber Meetings:

This platform provides a modern and productive video conferencing interface. Cisco Weber provides a lot of options like unlimited usage with no time restrictions, 100 participants limit, and toll dial in addition to voice over internet protocol. They provide secure, flexible, and intelligent video classroom and conferencing solutions


GotoMeeting is another ample alternative to zoom. They provide top-notch video conferencing and screen sharing options. It is one of the most trusted and award-winning platform that is used by many businesses.

Google Hangouts:

A Google hangout is an easy alternative for zoom. It has a good quality video conferencing with a limit of 10 people that is part of the free feature. As it is provided by Google it can be accessed just by using a Gmail account.

These alternatives are worth highly trusted and have a lot of good reviews from different users. Adding to the above mentioned are some of the other platforms like Join me, Blue jeans, Skype meeting, Cisco jabber, team viewer, abode connect, etc. These apps when compared are as good as Zoom.


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