Who regret to spend precious time with family and friends? No one right! In the busy life, By watching movie cracking jokes and rating it with family outstanding. Rabb.it gather all your well wishers at one place to watch movies online. Either your are on weekend party or trip, you are flexible to view your own TV shows, movies and other video content. The web based service Rabb.it allows you to share group video and chat when the video is playing. But some of the searchers feel incovinent with Rabb.it usage. Don't worry there are many free best alternatives for Rabb.it…Have a look at them

Watch Together:

The name itself resembles that it allows people to watch together as per their wish. You can buffer and play your owned shows or music without causing any disturbance to your friends. No need to sign up for creating chat room. There is an option to invite your partners to take part in chatting. Enjoy the music through sound cloud in watch together. Shop one side via Amazon and on the other side make yourself enjoyable..

Simulchat :

Play games, upload files, watch movies and create private chat rooms in simulchat. The web based simulchat permit to text chat and share your interesting movies and shows to chat roommates. Utilize this free watchble browser after registering successfully. 

Rave :

Rave is one of the best alternatives to share your video clippings and music with your friends. YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Viki, Google drive are the supported platforms in Rave. For IOS, Android, Tablets and Smartphones there is mobile rave app to install. Voice chat is possible but video chatting is not feasible while enjoying video content.

Netflix party:

To rock the Netflix party you need to install extension to your chrome and have to sign-in Netflix account. Then only you are able to create your Netflix party and invite your colleagues. No other local and streaming platforms were encouraged in this extension. Sync your friends in group chats while watching or listening to music.


It is a very simple platform where you can share YouTube URLs directly and start inviting your friends. Make your own chat room and playlists then sync with your families. No need to create an account for accessing.


This synaptop allow you to play games, watch movies, dramas and even read books. You must and should create an account in order to share the video stuff. It is mainly remote connected chat service.


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