Save your bucks & time with Prominent MailChimp alternatives in email marketing: 

Email marketing is one of the important digital marketing methods to generate leads for a company website. There are a lot of service providers who drive traffic to a website by strategically applying email marketing. Every digital service has a standout company that performs best in the field likewise MailChimp is the top-notch Email marketing service provider. The easy to use interface and the excellent user features have made them be unique and be in the top pages among the competitors. Despite its success, the quirky interface is not appealing to all the customers. Here is a list of some alternatives for MailChimp to those customers.


Striving hard to increase your business sales? then Omnisend email and SMS marketing tool is the best choice for you to select as a Mailchimp alternative. Popular ecommerce brands are very satisfied with the Omnisend Ecommerce Automation Tool. The Omnisend omnichannel marketing automation platform specifically focuses for growth of the ecommerce businesses. With a single tap, the Omnisend is able to integrate with a large number of ecommerce tools that are in the market.
Omnisend is accessible by the customers which include popups, signup forms, sales & performance reports, segmentation and customer analytics etc.  The Omnisend Standard Email Plan costs $16 and Omnisend Pro Email & SMS plan costs $59 per month. The Omnisend price increases as the number of senders increases.


Getresponse provides additional features added to the one provided by Mailchimp. It has features like drag and drop email composer, through list segmentation. Get response also focuses on building a landing page and maintains customer relationship management. Get response is the all in all solution to email market.


Sparkpost is a transactional email platform with a high delivery rate in the industry. It is a single platform to send all the bulk and transactional emails. Sparkpost, therefore, uses a single API, templating language, tracking method, and metrics. It has a 98 percent inbox placement which is higher than any other service.


The platform provides a user-friendly interface without compromising the features they provide. ActiveCampaign provides a fully automated marketing solution and functional CRM. You can also set up lead generating rules and build automation campaigns. Its automation options along with contact management make it an apt platform not only for B2B companies but also to any marketer.

MailChimp provides stellar services but the lack of CRM functionality and pricing of the pro version has made marketers jump for other co-equal alternatives that are performing equally better.


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