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Why VILTROX makes your videography top-class?

A full-service producer of photography gear, VILTROX integrates product development, design, production, and sales. 2009 saw the launch of VILTROX as a manufacturer of camera accessories. Camera lenses, LED lights, and monitors are among Viltrox's principal brand products. With Viltrox Store Coupons you can avail more discounts.
How Viltrox BV-99 V-Mount Lithium Battery With 99Wh 6700mAh/14.8V Bidirectional PD45W Charge For Mobile phones, Laptop, Photography lights, Cameras can provide uninterrupted power?
An all-purpose V-mount battery with many power output options for a range of devices, the VILTROX BV-99. It provides electricity for devices such as cameras, displays, wireless image transmitters, fill lights, cell phones, and tablet computers. Viltrox batteries have a long lifespan and may be recharged numerous times.

Why VILTROX DC-70 II 4K HDMI Field Monitor 7" TFT LCD HD Video Monitor is the best for filmmaking?

The ability for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers to use interchangeable lens digital cameras to record HD video is necessary. In order to accomplish this, Viltrox created the DC-70II Clip-on LCD Monitor. It has a 7-inch TFT high-definition LCD panel and many professional-style features. Enjoy bigger discount deals on using Viltrox Store Coupons.
Its pixel magnification and peaking features enable an enlarged, pixel-perfect view of a particular area of the Full HD image and guarantee accurate focus confirmation.
Angle adjustment shoe adaptors on the Viltrox DC-70II Clip-on LCD Display accommodate the varied filming angles. Peaking, peaking color, pixel-by-pixel, freeze, zoom, exposure, and scan mode are just a few of the capabilities available on the Viltrox DC-70II Clip-on LCD Monitor. It features 1024*600 pixels and is supplied with a battery and charger.

Why does Viltrox FANSHANG Aluminum Camera Cage + Top Handle Grip Video Film Movie Making Kit Rig Stabilizer ease your shoot?

The cage offers the camera secure defense and does not hinder access to the ports, slots, or battery compartment. Activate deals on the Viltrox Store products with Viltrox Store Coupons.
Many 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 holes that are threaded and ARRI locating holes are present throughout the cage to allow for the attachment of the extras. The bottom's 1/4" and 3/8" threads can be used to tightly lock a variety of tripod baseplates.
The top of the cage features a built-in cold shoe that enables mounting numerous devices, such as a monitor, a magic arm, a microphone, and LED lights.
It is straightforward to secure the top hand grip to the cage because it contains 1/4" threaded mounting holes. On top, it includes an integrated cold shoe that may be used to attach a monitor and a magic arm. Also, it contains threaded holes in the sizes of 3/8" and 1/4" for DIY projects tailored to your needs.

Why do artists and professionals love VITROX film gear?

The market leadership of VILTROX Store may be attributed to its expert R&D team, well-established production and sales infrastructure, and first-rate after-sales service. By offering cutting-edge technology, VILTROX aspires to become the preferred manufacturer of photography gear. VILTROX is always prepared to face fresh challenges in a market that is always changing. Don't neglect to use Viltrox Store Coupons for better savings.


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