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Luminati is praised as the market leader in the proxy market today. They are now serving with the largest number of promises with an IP pool that covers over 35 million proxies. It cut across mobile proxies and residential proxies. They have also established proxies in several countries and it is also assured to be reliable, secured and ethical to do works out of it. It is highly used for scraping and crawling, brand protection, SEO auditing, and ads verification. Continue reading to find the reviews of and proceed to buy them.

Make use of Coupons to avail of the Service!

Due to the huge needs in the internet medium, several people like to make use of the Luminati services. However, the issues arise when it comes to the pricing part. There is an alternative! You can look for the Luminati coupons from the online stores and avail them with less cost.

Luminati Services Reviews:

The largest IP network in the world: One of the must-mention strength of Luminati is that it shares the number of proxies in the incredibly huge and largest in the entire industry. It also has more than 35 million residential IP addresses in the pool. Besides, it also comprises the mobile proxies and a decent number of datacenters proxies in the list.

Goe-Targeting: This becomes the most unique feature of Luminati. The geo-targeting helps in providing better service for all the proxy is present in different countries. Thus, it is beneficial for the sneaker sites and websites that place the geo-restrictions on several website contents.

It is 100% legal and secured: one important thing to be specified is that it is legal. They have some legal rights to access the different residential IP addresses. The data is encrypted and it advises the users to make use of the HTTPS. These qualities like security, reliability and ethical nature bring the spotlight to Luminati proxies.

Powerful proxy control tools: there are several proxy control tools like chrome extension, API, Luminati Proxy manager.

Different IP types: they offer different types of IPs and only a few proxies offer to match Luminati in these regards. It provides residential proxies, datacenters proxies, and mobile proxies. However, the most important one is the residential proxies. There are also some other types in the residential proxies like shared IPs, exclusive IPs, and static Residential IPs.  

Good support: Good support is offered for the customers and this makes Luminati serve as the people’s favorite one. Though the usage of the dashboard is not found to be intuitive initially, the extensive amount of support information present in the blogs and FAQs helps the users. They also offer the best real-time support through customer support representatives.

Time to avail of the Proxy Service!


Thus, you might have gone through the reviews of the Luminati proxy services. So, you are not excited to make it? So, it is now the high time to avail of the service applying the Luminati coupons. Grab the opportunity and avail the service with the lowest cost possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use the same Luminati Coupons while buying different proxies?

Before applying the Luminati coupon code in the cart page, make sure to check on which proxies the Luminati coupon is active and how many times a customer can use the valid discount code.

2. How can I get the latest Luminati Coupon Codes?

On subscription to Luminati newsletter, the customers may receive latest updates about the Luminati products and exclusive Luminati coupon codes to their respective mails.

3. How many types of proxies can I buy in the Luminati store?

At the Luminati online store, you can buy the Data Center Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, Residential Proxies, Mobile Proxies, Super Proxies and other proxies to use in different locations in the world.

4. How to install and use the Luminati Proxy Manager on a remote server?

  • First, Login to the remote server as a root and install Nodejs.
  • Run node -v and npm -v after installation to see how nodejs and npm versions are installed.
  • Install Luminati Proxy Manager and run it in the root of the remote server.
  • Complete configuration of ports process in the proxy manager.
  • Using [remote_server_IP]:[port_number] send requests to the configured ports.

5. How to reset my account password?

If you unfortunately forgot the Luminati account password and want to reset it then visit the password recovery page and set your new password effortlessly.

6. Is there any free trial on Luminati Residential Proxies?

There are two types of Luminati residential proxies trial versions available. The company members can access free trial for seven days and the individuals can access the Luminati residential proxies for three days.


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