Best WebToffee Woocommerce Plugin Reviews & Pricing Plans 2020:

Explore your business and websites with the help of WordPress and WooCommerce. The teams offer their customers 98% greater satisfaction. If the company doesn’t meet your expectation, their 30 days money back policy assures 100% money back. If you make the communication with Webtoffee conduct them through email or the Webtoffee website. Your privacy is very important to the company, maintaining your confidence and trust is one of the highest priorities. The company respects your legacy to keep your personal information confidential. The information is required to progress the orders and to provide a more personalized shopping experience.

Import-Export Suite for WooCommerce:

Export and download the data of different products according to the CSV/XML file format. It supports simple, external, variable, and group products. You can also import and export product reviews and ratings by using CSV files. At the time of import, you can edit the ratings, author name, verified tag, and content of the reviews. You can also select import or export products to CSV. you can export WooCommerce huge orders in XML format along with the service provider by your store. Many stores provide a guest check out process to offer their customer feel free shopping experience. Allocate a mapping report by selecting a particular column or field for future export purposes.

Accelerate your Marketing Campaigns with URL Coupons:

You can generate URLs for coupons, so you can receive every coupon detail in one click. This method is very easy for the customers to apply coupons on a checkout. Link the products with the URL coupons when the users click on the coupon site, the products related information is automatically added to the cart. Otherwise generate the URL coupons using a redirect page, when you click on the account page it automatically takes you to the URL coupon. Create the QR code associated with a coupon, code can be easily shared to the customers. Users can apply their coupons with QR code.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce, Complete Discounts, and Offers Plugins:

In advanced coupon rules, configure the offers and discount, it is applicable when you meet certain conditions during purchasing. You can also use a different collaboration of coupon features and generate restrictions in a variety of offers and discounts to maximize the sales in your store. customer behavior related coupons, it increases the chance of regular customers to visit your stores. Create a buy one get one offer with any products in your company blog. Reward your customers with two for the price of one. Generate a store credit offers for the user so that they can use the credits for later purchases or gifts for their loved ones.

The Webtoffee is 100% secure and safe to progress your websites and business. The company collects the information on the site to make shopping at WebToffee possible and also enhances your overall shopping experience. The team continuously sends promotional emails about the new products, special offers, and other information that you feel useful they progressed through your email address. Everyone gains the usability of Webtoffee.


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