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With the increasing needs of the websites for several businesses, the need for internet hosting plans is also required highly these days. So, lots of companies are now offering internet hosting plans for the website. Among these companies, is one of the reliable and preferable destinations. Since their inception in 1999, they have been working to offer the best internet hosting plans for the users. Their key goals are quality, support and service, and they never compromise with these factors.

With an extensive customer base, they are offering the service to complement the existing business. Along with the domestic services, they have served for international customers as well. They are committed to work, offering enough reliability and security for the customers. Some of the reasons for the people to prefer them are,

  • Round the clock customer support facilities
  • WordPress expertise offers hassle-free hosting options.
  • Price lock guarantee offers no price hikes ever, and this is a reasonable cost.

Overview of the InterServer services they offer:

Just with the single domain name and virtual hosting reseller account, the company was inaugurated. It was their dream to offer the data service at the affordable service, but maintain the high standard of support for the users. Their vision leads to the formation of the solid partnership and the beginning of the company. In 2017 they owned two data centres. Now, after 21 years, they are leading ones in the market to offer the hosting service for the different people and are truly committed to the work. They handle the technology in the right way and service for everyone for their wellness.

Different Cloud Apps you can have at are;

There are 470+ cloud apps available at Interserver which you can install with a single tap. Some of the popular cloud apps are

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Mambo

InterServer Pricing Plans:

They are the service providers who will offer you the hosting services at a reasonable cost, and there will also not be any hidden charges. All the amount you need to pay will be notified well in advance and can know for the things you are spending. Three different plans will help for the people in various requirements.

  • VPS Special: It is the plan where you need to pay $6.00 per month. Here, you can have 2GB RAM + 30 GB SSD storage. Along with these, you can also look for the multiple operating systems, cPanel or direct admin, instant activation, and unlimited support.
  • ASP.NET: In this plan, you need to pay $8.00 per month, and it is easy to use the control panel. You can also have speed optimization, free website migration, unlimited storage space and unlimited support in the system.
  • Dedicated: As the name indicates, it is the dedicated plan where you should pay $80.00 per month. You can have a memory up to 8 GB and a hard drive 2000 GB. They will also guarantee the hardware replacement guarantee, unlimited support under this plan.

What makes people prefer

On its shared web hosting plans, they offer unlimited storage, websites, transfer and emails and free SSL certification, which is the big deal in this platform.

  • Free SSL Certificate: Some service providers will offer the SSL certificates. However, this will be applicable only for the high-end plan. Else, they need to pay more for the SSL certification. This is not the same here.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Though several service providers say they offer unlimited services, they are not actually unlimited. They will slow down the speed or suggest for the sneaky upgrade. Here, unlimited means really unlimited.
  • Pricing and Value: Though this platform offers all such great features with the reduced cost, they are genuine enough to offer and notify only the right services for their audience.
  • Cloudflare CDN: To enjoy the clients and visitors globally, your website should have Content Delivery Network or CDN. It is the factor to allow the browsers to browse things from anywhere and connect to the server in the local area. Here, the hosting will be boosted with the CDN that makes you reach the global audience.

Role of for Ecommerce Websites :

They offer e-commerce functionality through the add-on and softaculous. Along with this, they also provide the SSL certificate with the call support to turn it on. Further, they also necessary features like,

  • Ecommerce plug-in support: It is the feature to eliminate the hassle when you are setting the shop in the digital medium. It will allow the functionalities to be added by the few clicks in your mouse.
  • Easy installation payment systems: It does not require you to set up the payment system manually in the ecommerce store. So, this reduces the time and additional cost for it.
  • PCI compliance: It can be expanded as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If you want to access the credit card, you should need this option. It is part of the plans, and you need to worry about having it additionally.
  • Bandwidth: Most people in the digital medium are impatient, so the slow blog post will reduce the interest of several readers. The website you have from here will allow you to have faster and reliable services.
  • Storage: The data in the medium will consume tons of space, but you need not worry about this factor. They offer you a reliable SSD storage option and make you feel from these issues.

Choose the most beneficial and reliable InterServer Webhosting Packages!

When you want to win in the high competition of the digital world, it is highly crucial to choose the right service for website hosting. So, this will benefit you for business growth in the internet landscape. So, when there are so many service providers for offering such services, you should ensure the different features and the service they can offer you. In that list, the following reviews might have proven the efficiency of as the best hosting services. Speak to the service provider and keep moving high on the digital ladder.


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