Choose your customized VPN Network from VirtualShield:

Network security is the greatest threat to business organizations and individual households. The hackers will skillfully breach the security and get the information regarding the online transaction. They will use this information and steal the money from the account through the online network. Virtual Private Network is the ultimate solution to prevent these hackers. Virtual Shield is one of the pioneers in providing customized solutions in the virtual private network. They are having the expert team to provide the cost effective solutions for home and business organizations. Virtual Shield provides 24 hours of customer support throughout the year. 

Availing Discounts from VirtualShield:

VirtualShield provides the awareness of network security among a wide variety of businesses and individuals. The business owner and household avail the high-quality network security solutions from a discounted cost. VirtualShield Coupons are available in most of the online coupons sites. VirtualShield provides cost effective discounts to the VirtualShield coupons. 

Products review of VirtualShield:

VPN for Personal Use:

This Virtual Private Network is used for domestic security purposes. The VPN solution has an effective algorithm to protect the home network through multi-layers of the firewall. This VPN solution has a different architecture for different households. Save on VirtualShield VPN for Personal use by applying VirtualShield coupon code 2020.


This VPN solution comes with 256-bit encryption this is the strongest encryption algorithm to decode by hackers or other third party software. This solution effectively shields the browser history and cookies form the remote sites. 

  • Effective security algorithm to safeguard the data.
  • These solutions allow multiple devices to add to the secured network architecture.
  • Easy to use supporting applications are available.
  • Network connection may be slow sometimes. 
  • There are some restrictions to use public Wi-Fi.
  • There are some limitations to accessing the cloud database.

Protection Plus:

Business servers are the servers that have a large amount of sensitive data. The business servers should be accessed by authorized devices over the distributed network. The protection plus is the network architecture solutions for business networks and you can get it at low price by applying VirtualShield coupons.


This add-on forms the extra layer of security around the business server. The extra layers scan and authorize every access to the server. This add-on uses an effective multi-layered protection algorithm to prevent cyber attacks.

  • Suitable for cloud storage for a specific organization.
  • Protect the network architecture from online hackers
  • This add on has large memory space
  • Rapid access has some limitations
  • Unable to specify the accessing devices in the network
  • Limited to scalability

Webcam Privacy Protection:

This is the software to secure webcam from online hackers. This software is also used to secure the microphone of the device inside the secured network. Get the VirtualShield webcam blocker with the latest VirtualShield coupons 2020.


This software disables the camera and microphone as soon as the hacking is identified. This software also monitors the browsing history and provides constant monitoring support.

  • Runs in background 
  • Consume less memory
  • Easily updatable
  • Limited third party software support
  • This software may be slow sometimes
  • Supports only advanced webcams

Choose the cost effective security from VirtualShield:

VirtualShield provides the client-focused approach to providing a solution. The solutions are customized to different client environments. The add-ons and tools support a wide range of devices with different operating systems. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I reduce VirtualShield price with VirtualShield coupons?

Yeah! If you are having a valid VirtualShield coupon code then its very simple to minimize the VirtualShield cost. Use the VirtualShield discount code during checkouts to save your valuable money. Also, take home eye catching offers and rewards on your purchases at

2. How to download VirtualShield for chrome?

The VirtualShield download for chrome takes only a couple of minutes. 

First sign up to the VirtualShield by submitting your valid credentials.

Download the VirtualShield chrome extension app on your PC or desktop.

Click on the connect button.

Now, you can safeguard your data from malicious functions.

3. Can I connect VirtualShield VPN to multiple devices?

The VirtualShield Virtual Private Network not only works on a single electronic gadget. Connect to all your personal and business related devices hassle freely to keep your data private from strangers.

4. Do VirtualShield offer free trial?

Yes, for VirtualShield customers, VirtualShield is ready to provide a 30 day free trial. Just subscribe and access to the pricing plans. You can cancel the VirtualShield subscription before the trial ends to stop billing.

June 03, 2020

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