Block the Distracting Websites and Applications in your devices with Freedom App Blocker:

There are lots of popup websites that will intrude into your devices for marketing purposes. Some popups will give you sensitive information to hackers. The information includes bank transaction will be easily hacked by these websites. The popup websites will also prompt you to download the applications. These applications will slow down your device performances. Freedom store provides customized software to block these unwanted websites. These softwares are compatible with all operating systems. The extension for all leading browsers is also available. Freedom store provides the software that will not block in the bookmark or wish list in the browsers.

Buy the Freedom App at exciting offers with Freedom Coupons:

Freedom software will increase the security of the devices to a great extent. These software ensure the multitasking in all the devices. The Freedom Coupons are available in most of the online coupons sites. Freedom provides cost-effective discounts to Freedom coupons. Freedom provides these Freedom coupon code to ensure safety on all laptops and mobiles. These Freedom coupons enables the individuals to shield the sensitive data against the hackers.

Freedom App Review:

Freedom for Windows:

Freedom software will block the unauthorized websites and applications in the windows enabled mobile and laptop devices. You can block sites in any windows applications or any other web browsers.


This software uses an interactive dashboard for changing the security features of the software. This dashboard allows us to add the blacklist of websites. You can add the shared devices in this dashboard application. 

  • Scheduling options for productive and recurring options. 
  • Locked mode prevents exiting from the current task.
  • Single payment for all device installation.
  • Blocks all essential popups including login popup
  • Does not support advanced mobile and laptop devices
  • Frequent updation ios needed

Freedom Insight Extension:

This is the advanced browser extension. This extension is compatible with all the latest updates of chrome browser. This extension tracks the browsing patterns in chrome.


The insight extension tracks the time spent on the chrome extension. This extension helps you to analyze the browsing patterns. The displays time which you spent on each website in the chrome browser. 

  • This extension is exclusive for chrome users
  • This extension has a high level of security features
  • This extensions stores the browsing data in local memory
  • Browser sometimes becomes very slow
  • The standalone extension is not available
  • Consumes lots of physical memory

Freedom Pause Extension:

This is the browser extension that monitors the website. This extension finds out the malicious websites and software and stops access with a warning


This extension uses the cloud database to block access to the website. This extension can be used outside the scheduled sessions. 

  • This extension avoids the passive installation of malicious software
  • This extension will give full details about malicious websites The privacy factor is not affected
  • It can also block private intranet sites
  • Limits the usage in public networks
  • This extension also has speed issues

Freedom App Pricing:

Download free Freedom app access for limited sessions. After successful completion of Freedom App trial version, upgrade to Freedom Premium version on a monthly, yearly and lifetime basis. Reduce the Freedom App purchasing cost using Freedom coupon code. Grab Freedom App discount with latest Freedom Coupons 2020. Download Freedom app for android, Freedom app for ios at a low price.

Freedom App Alternative 2020:

The Freedom free app alternatives are; (Android, iOS, Web), Cold Turkey, Blocker (macOS, Windows), [email protected] (Android, iOS, Web), Hocus Focus (macOS), Mindful Browsing (Chrome), RescueTime (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows), Self-Control (macOS), StayFocusd, Freshdesk Helpdesk Tool etc.

Increase your security with Freedom Extension:

Freedom provides unique security features that will protect your system against intruders. This store has compatible software for all devices with different types of operating systems. Freedom also provides scalable extensions that secure your browsing. Drop down the Freedom App Cost by using valid Freedom Coupon Code at the cart.

June 22, 2020

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