Choose Transferwise Platform for sending Money to Foreign Accounts easily:

Transferwise is a platform that helps you to transfer money abroad from anywhere. It comes with cheaper and the fastest way to send money to customers or employees of the other countries. Almost over 8 million business people got better deals when they have transferred money by using this platform. Is it really possible to send money with the real exchange rate? This is a common question that arises in most business people's minds. With Transferwise, you are allowed to transfer money with a real exchange rate. Thus, it is the right way and fastest way to send money to abroad people. Here are some reviews of Transferwise services, so continue reading to know more about that. 

How to avail Transferwise Coupons:

How to reduce the fee of transferring money? By using Transferwise coupons, you can able to reduce them. If you want to send money at the reduced rates, you have to activate the Transferwise coupons. You can avail of these Transferwise coupons from online platforms. Plenty of online platforms are selling these Transferwise coupons. Find out the best platform and avail of the Transferwise coupons. If you cannot find the online platforms, you can visit the official website of Transferwise to get the coupons.

Open API:

Open API service helps automate payments. Thus, connect your business tools and create ways to manage your finances.


  • It is possible to test integrations before going live
  • You are allowed to learn API documentation 
  • Track exchange rates and automate conversions
  • It allows you t get real-time notifications on platforms like Slack
  • It comes with 24/7 customer support
  • API tokens
  • You can create and manage your personal tokens easily
  • It can be used for all shapes and sizes of businesses
  • It is possible to generate payments from invoicing software
  • It is easy to get started

Mass Payouts:

The mass payouts platform is perfectly designed for global businesses. It allows you to make faster and low-cost payouts to the customers, investors, employees, freelancers, and suppliers all over the world. 


  • It helps you to make faster, cheaper, secure payouts.
  • It offers a great experience
  • With batch tools, it is possible to make multiple payouts using the same international money transfer features, which include delivery estimator, pay-to-email, and real-time tracking.
  • Tracking and reporting
  • It allows you to track your mass payouts in real-time, with secure access to online reporting.
  • It is a reliable way to process payments 
  • It is easy to implement
  • Easily get integrated with API or get started with the batch payments tool 
  • Use features that reduce stress and save time. Easily keep track of your payments.
  • It is completely safe and secure money transfer method 

Transferwise Pricing and Coverage:

  • The currencies are exchanged by real rate and there is a small fee to convert currencies in your account and no hidden fee in the rate.
  • It is 9x cheaper than PayPal
  • You are allowed to hold & manage money over 50 countries. 

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