Afford the Efficient Spy with Fewer Expenses & Enhance your Marketing Strategies:

As the growth in technology, mobile and marketing techniques using mobile phone technology have been growing high. Today, when you need to sustain in the busy business market, you need to be aware of things that are happening around you. There are lots of secrets and confidential ways that your competitors are making use of some strategies to establish the business and the marketing goal. Don’t you need to know about them? Technology helps you here as well!

About AdPlexity:

AdPlexity is the powerful Spy Tool that will help in dealing with the mobile, native and adult ads as it helps you to view study and copy the same ads of the competitors. It is created by affiliates for the affiliates as the others will not understand the pain of marketing completely. This is the great boom if you need to sustain it at the top in this eCommerce world.

Notable Features of AdPlexity:

  • Real-time updates of the ads
  • Advanced search engine with several crisp filters availability
  • Analyzing the Ad stats that cover the areas like devices, types, size, language, country, connection, affiliate network, tracking tool, and traffic sources
  • Apart from all these, you will also have the option peek into the sheer reach of the Adplexity and it will also offer some other insights that are necessary to achieve with the best spy tool. When you feel cost as the barrier for buying the efficient, you can make use of the AdPlexity Coupons and avail them at the reduced cost.

AdPlexity Products Overview:

AdPlexity Mobile:

  • Running mobile ads also plays a key role to generate traffic….
  • With Adplexity Mobile, find out the invisible mobile ad campaigns, ads that are targeting specific mobile devices by your competitors. 
  • Download the data of Pop-Up Ads, In-App Ads and Carrier Specific Ads with a single tap. 
  • Also, unlock the Mobile Ad Campaigns that are bringing more sales to your competitors. 
  • Get information on the ad campaigns running in more than 75 Countries. The users can identify the ads by using keywords, affiliate network or with publisher name.

AdPlexity Mobile Pricing & Coupons:

  • You can get AdPlexity Mobile on an annual and monthly basis.
  • The actual cost of AdPlexity mobile is $199/mo per user. On applying the AdPlexity Mobile Coupon - dailyreviews, get it only for $149 for lifetime.
  • You can save up to 25% on using the AdPlexity Mobile Discount Code.
  • With the annual subscription to Adplexity Mobile Tool, grab 17% AdPlexity Mobile discounts.

Adplexity Desktop:

  • Identify the Ad Campaigns running in the Desktops that are bringing profits to your competitors.
  • And, also download every single landing page with the AdPlexity Desktop tool. 
  • Keep an eye on 100 Affiliate Networks that are providing affiliate offers at your fingertips. 
  • AdPlexity Desktop allows you to know the exact duration of campaigns running, calculates the individual performances of ad campaigns in Windows, Mac and other Browsers too.

Adplexity Desktop Pricing & Coupons:

  • If you are about to purchase the AdPlexity Desktop tool then get 25% off on monthly subscription. 
  • Get access to AdPlexity Desktop for $149 instead of $199 per user by applying the verified AdPlexity Desktop Coupon Code dailyreviews.
  • With the annual subscription to AdPlexity Mobile, pay only for 10 months cost instead of 12 months i.e $1990/ year.

Adplexity E-Commerce:

  • The AdPlexity eCommerce Spy Tool will present you up-to-date information on the products that are Trending and bringing more sales to your competitors. 
  • Also, dig into the Competitors stores list, how often they are launching their products into the market. 
  • Unlock the apps that pull traffic to the competitors sites, follow their social media links. 
  • Get more than 1,00,000 stores and 70, 000,000 products data in hands with the help of AdPlexity eCommerce.

AdPlexity E-Commerce Pricing & Coupons:

  • The buyers may buy the AdPlexity eCommerce either annually or monthly. 
  • Pay $149 per month instead of $199 to get access to monthly AdPlexity eCommerce by applying AdPlexity eCommerce Coupon dailyreviews. 
  • Avail 17% discounts on yearly subscription to AdPlexity e-commerce tool without the need of applying any discount code.

Adplexity Push:

  • Have an in - depth view on the campaigns that are running from 10+ push traffic sources with the AdPlexity Push.
  • Uncover the Push Ad Campaigns running in 80 countries and 90+ mobile carriers. 
  • Directly from the page interface download your competitors ad campaign landing page with a single click.
  • Filter your desired ads by searching with keywords, advertisers names, and affiliate networks.  

Adplexity Push Pricing & Coupons:

  • The buyers may get access to AdPlexity Push at a cost of $129 per month using AdPlexity Push Coupon dailyreviews_pc
  • Buy an annual plan at a cost of $1490 and savvy 17% discounts (equivalent to 2 months free).

Adplexity Carriers:

  • Wisely make use of Real 3G/LTE proxies from 80+ Mobile Carriers with the AdPlexity Carriers. 
  • The AdPlexity Carriers technology promotes the mobile advertiser, ad & affiliate networks to manage, look and verify online trending activities with mobile carriers.
  • Look into the brief analytics on the banners and CTA campaigns on your own landing pages. 
  • Complete your registration process for Multiple Accounts with the AdPlexity carriers to safeguard from blocking.

Adplexity Carriers Pricing & Coupons:

  • AdPlexity Carriers monthly plan starts with a cost of $149/mo.
  • With the latest AdPlexity Carriers Coupon dailyreviews_pc, you can get the AdPlexity Carriers tool only for $129 per month. 
  • The purchasers may save up to 17% on yearly AdPlexity Carriers subscription and put in work the amazing AdPlexity Carriers features.

Adplexity Adult:

  • In more than 120+ mobile carriers, you can grab the data of carrier-specific, adult campaigns with the AdPlexity Adult spy tool.
  • Know the profitable ad campaigns targeting specific devices including Mac, Personal Computer, iPhone etc. In the. 
  • Zip format download the entire landing page data.

Adplexity Adult Pricing & Coupons:

Hurry! Now save 25% lifetime discount on AdPlexity Adult monthly plan with AdPlexity Adult Coupon dailyreviewsPay $149 only per month instead of $199.On the annual AdPlexity Adult subscription grab 17% discount and pay only $1990 per year.

Adplexity Native:

  • Now it's quite easy to know the ad campaigns that are targeting devices like Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phones, iPad etc with the AdPlexity Native. 
  • In more than 32 countries, locate the ad campaigns by searching with Advertiser or Publisher name, Keyword, Affiliate network etc. 
  • Collect the seven networks native ads data and also download all Landing Pages with a few clicks.
  • Find out the Outgoing URLs that are redirecting to your competitors websites.

Adplexity Native Pricing & Coupons:

  • Purchase the AdPlexity Native by using the AdPlexity Native Coupon - dailyreviews_n to get 30% lifetime discount on monthly plan. 
  • Now get AdPlexity Native for $169
  • Grab AdPlexity Native discount of 17% on subscription with annual plan.

Other Significant Features of Adplexity:

You can Select the Ads that Gained More Traffic:

the tool allows you to specifically choose the ads that have worked out well in recent times and gathered the attention of the audience. Making use of this, you can design the best ad for your company as well.

You can Filter the Non-Affiliate Landing Pages:

the non-affiliate landing pages will not help you for achieving the goals. So, it is possible to filter out these non-affiliate landing pages beneficially and make use of the right one alone.

Extensive use of the Search and the Filter Tools:

you can have an idea of the tools in-depth as it will help you with some additional help of the offers, profit margin, popular traffic, etc. Thus you can easily achieve your goals.

Easy Keyword Search:

The needs for the keywords are too high in the digital environment. Placing the right keywords is the half-word done. So, the tool will help you to make out the right keywords and use it efficiently in your marketing.

Single Click to Download:

When you need to download the discovered thing, it is so simple to download to your site. You just need to click on the target landing page and navigate to the “show more” option to click on it. You download the page easily.

The Bottom Line:

When it is so easy and efficient to find the right way to peep into the right windows, why do you make use of it? Just looking for the Addplexity coupons is the best way to find the tool with less cost!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the active AdPlexity Coupons? provides exclusive coupons for all the Adplexity Tools as follows.

  • AdPlexity Push Coupon - “dailyreviews_pc” (Get 10% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity Mobile Coupon - “dailyreviews” (Get 25% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity Desktop Coupon - “dailyreviews” (Get 25% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity Native Coupon - “dailyreviews_n” (Get 30% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity Adult Coupon - “dailyreviews” (Get 25% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity eCommerce Coupon - “dailyreviews” (Get 25% lifetime discount).
  • AdPlexity Carriers Coupon - “dailyreviews_pc” (Get 10% lifetime discount).

2. Does AdPlexity Coupon really reduce my AdPlexity cost?

If the AdPlexity coupon code is 100% working then you can reduce the cost of AdPlexity pricing plans.

3. From how many countries I can find the ad campaigns data with the AdPlexity?

In the 82+ countries the business holders can get the data of hidden ads and pop-up ads.

4. Can I unlock the ads running by my competitors in the mobiles?

Effortlessly, you can download the landing pages of ads data with a single tap using AdPlexity mobile.

5. How much AdPlexity discount can avail on purchasing the AdPlexity ecommerce?

You can grab up to 30% lifetime discount on buying AdPlexity ecommerce.

6. How to cancel an AdPlexity subscription?

Login to your account, tap on the settings button. Click on the Unsubscribe button by visiting the Subscription and Billing information. Confirm the cancellation by clicking the verify button on the mail received from AdPlexity.

7. Name some of the AdPlexity Alternatives?

AWeber, Yoast, ShopRunner, SurveyMonkey, Freshdesk, Mobidea Ad Spy Tools, SpyPush are some of the AdPlexity alternatives.

8. Can I use the AdPlexity spy tool for free?

No, currently AdPlexity doesn’t offer any free trial to its customers. Please purchase any of the AdPlexity plans to access it.


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