Choose your Wax Imprint designer Jewelry from Waxing Poetic:

Designer jewelry is the most popular among all the individuals across the world. These pieces of jewelry provide very attractive looks to each person. This designer jewelry is suitable for all persons irrespective of body type and measurements. Waxing Poetic is the boutique store that provides designer jewelry with quotes impressed on it. The impressions are made with handcrafted high-quality wax seals. This store was started in 2001 by Patti Pagliei. This store has the widest collection of wax imprinted jewelry. This store has jewelry with antiques and modern design. These pieces of jewelry are handcrafted by efficient artists from Indonesia. Waxing Poetic has a large number of satisfied customers in versatile domains. 

Select your handcrafted Jewelry at a cost-effective price:

Waxing Poetic has the designer jewelry for all age groups and all genders. These jewelry are excellent gifts for all occasions. The quote on jewelry is printed on demand by the customer. Waxing Poetic Coupons are available in most of the online coupons sites. The Waxing Poetic provides cost-effective discounts to the coupons. Waxing Poetic provides these coupons to introduce high-quality designer jewelry among fashionable people.

Products Review of Waxing Poetic:

Ensemble Necklace Hematite -28 inch:

This is one of the stone made necklaces for slim body type. The hematite is the shinning stone which is made from iron ore. The stones are linked with the silver chain and shielded with silver rings.


The stone is extracted from the ore using a precision fire cut technique. The stones are shaped and shined using hand tools. The endurance of the necklace is very high has undergone several testing processes.

  • The pendant of the necklace is interchangeable.
  • The shinning of the stone has great radiance
  • Traditional and exclusive Indonesian design
  • The necklace is lightweight cannot withstand rough usage
  • Some skin types are sensitive to Hematite crystal  
  • Single variety design is only available

Kristal Hinge Bangle:

This bracelet is made out of brass. This bracelet is the exclusive contemporary style ornament from Wax Poetic. This bracelet is a hinged bangle-style bracelet.


This bracelet is made uniquely for women. This hinge bangle style is most popular among women stylists. This bracelet is surrounded by fine cut Swarovski glass crystals. 

  • This bracelet is also available in silver and other materials.
  • This bracelet has a rich look 
  • This bracelet at the lowest price of $195
  • The crystal may fall from the bangle
  • The coloring of brass metal may fade
  • The limited sizes are only available

Century Insignia –Initial Charm:

The insignia is the pendant that resembles a traditional seal. The characters in this insignia are traditional font style.


The silver coating on the insignia had made with traditional patterns. The letters are embossed with brass gives attractive looks. 

  • Old font style
  • Letter customization is possible
  • Hand graved patterns
  • The pendant structure is weak
  • There is no change in patterns
  • Limited items are available 

Buy the contemporary design Jewelry from Waxing Poetic:

The design is very exclusive and designed using handmade engraving tools. The wide variety of jewelry is available with Waxing Poetic. The waxing poetic also provides custom quotes with various font style options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I apply Waxing Poetic Coupons?

Yes, the shoppers can happily apply the exclusive Waxing Poetic coupon code 2020 in the payments page to avail more offers and instant cash backs. Hurry up and use the Waxing Poetic discount coupon before it expires.

2. How much can I share on subscription to Waxing Poetic?

You can save a discount value of 15% on your first orders by subscribing to Waxing Poetic newsletter. So, the new shoppers to Waxing Poetic may grab this exclusive deal during checkouts. Submit your mail id to redeem the discount.

3. With what materials the Waxing Poetic jewelry is made?

The Waxing Poetic team uses premium quality brass, sterling silver and bronze materials to manufacture the designer jewelry. The customers can shop the jewelry by theme or symbol.

4. What can I buy at

The shopper can buy necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charms, rings, earrings, accessories, and other men’s jewelry with a low price tag.

May 26, 2020

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