ZENTS Bodycare Products for your Glowing Skin:

Cord Coen is the founder of ZENTS. Cord had met with an accident at that time he had lost his smelling sense. Two years of rehabilitation he wasn't able to recover. But he doesn’t feel for his loss, instead cord had chosen a new path, he made a travel to the entire world. Cord spent an entire year doing yoga and taking massage, meditation for eight years a day. By doing all these aspects, surprising he found his pain has little by little subsided, his sense of taste and smell returned. This is the place where the idea of ZENTS was born. They started to manufacture all the products such as body wash, hair care products, Aromas and skin care products. 

Anjou Washes for Body and Hands:

Anjou wash acts a gentle facial for the body and hand. Fruits and sugar cane extracts gently exfoliate without harming the body and hard. It also gives the skin 100% organic shea butter as it removes impurities, provides a soft skin and lavishing body. Organic aloe in Anjou washes the nick while shaving. Use the Anjou wash daily for shave, bath, sink and shower. It protects the skin against sun damage and fades the age spots. Organic aloe in the lotion helps to speed up the healing, increases the blood circulation and softens the skin. 

Mandarin Body Oil with Nourishing Infusion: 

The body oil glows up from head to toe, because of sunflower oil and vitamin E extracts. Apply the nourishing Mandarin body oil all over the skin. The body oil is made up of coconut oil, soothing passion flowers and sunflower oil.  Vitamin E and sunflower extracts provide double dose benefits for soft, youth-looking skin and anti defying benefits. Use the body oil daily to prevent the signs of ageing and give a glowing look. Coconut oil offers a healthy and shiny skin, strengthening the hair. The method of using mandarin body oil, spray it evenly on your skin and hand. If you have dry or mature skin then mix the oil with the lotion. Keep the lotion in your hand and spray the oil above it. 

Fig Attar for better Fragrance:

The word attar means to smell sweet. You can also use the attar scent throughout the day. The fragrance of fig attar smells good without overpowering. It is suitable while travelling, even portable too. Fit attar are easy to carry, most of the people are addicted to this type of fragrance. Compared to the other scent it has a unique smell. 

Mandarin Shampoo for strengthening Hair:

Mandarin shampoo balances all types of hair. The contents of the shampoo are shea butter and lotus. It makes the hair soft, full and luminous. The passion flower makes the scalp smooth and stronger. While the lotus flower has impart moisture to soften parched tresses. Apply the hair oil for about 10-15 minutes. Later wash it out with ZENTS shampoo. The shampoo gets into the hair before rinsing and wetting. Enjoy the shampoo along with ZENTS water conditioner.


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