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Are you like to discover the finest quality e-bikes products from Yose Sower shop?

Yes, because, since 2011, Yose Power, a reputable provider of lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes, has offered the entire range of e-bike power systems. Yose Power Shop offers motor kits and batteries for e-bikes, professional installation guidance, and pointers for do-it-yourself e-bike conversions. Thanks to Yose Power Shop’s superior e-bike power systems, available at reasonable factory pricing with simple local servicing, everyone will love riding an e-bike. Yose Power Shop has established high-quality suppliers from China, Japan, and Korea, a sales team with ten years of experience, and more than 5000m2 of warehouse space for local delivery and servicing in Germany, the US, the UK, and Australia. Consequently, it is possible to shop for high quality at a low cost and enjoy the process. Save best on all products with YOSEPOWER SHOP Coupons.

48V 500W 26'' rear motor fit for cassette with 48V13Ah down tube Lithium-ion battery and charger is high-quality:

This 48V 500W 26" rear hub motor wheel and a 48V 13Ah down tube lithium-ion battery are part of the DIY e-bike conversion kit from Yose Power. 10A is the rated current, 20A is the maximum current, and 39V is the low voltage protection on the JYT brand sine wave controller. The waterproof connectors are found on the four-in-one cable, PAS sensor, and motor. Redeem offers using the YOSEPOWER SHOP Coupons and YOSEPOWER SHOP Coupon Code.

E-bike battery charger with DC2.1 plug for 48V battery is good:

It has an original SANS Ebike charger US Standard, electric bicycle accessories 48V Ebike lithium-ion battery with 54.6V2Ah DC2.1 Plug. A 54.6V 2A charger and a 48V battery are included. A SANS model is SSLC109V55. The input is 2.0A at AC180V-240V. Its maximum output is 54.6 V, 2.0 A, and its efficiency rating of 80% at a minimum. Led light indication measures 17.3*7.8*4.5 cm, is 0.9 kilogram in weight, and has a red-charging and green-full state. Paste the YOSEPOWER SHOP Promo Code and also YOSEPOWER SHOP Coupons for enjoyable offers.

Whether the E-Bike Battery 36V 20Ah triangle e-bike 18650 lithium down tube battery, Anderson connector for modified Pedelec bike is perfect?

This is a Black 36V 20Ah Li-ion 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with a smart charger. It has a 20Ah Battery, 740Wh of energy, and 4.1kg weight with a holder and 36V voltage. A high power 18650 cell with a cycle life duration of 1000+, a maximum current of 30A, a maximum current for protection of 60A, and an end voltage of 28V is also used. The charge voltage is 42V, and the charge current is 2A, a final point worth addressing. Retain live discount deals with YOSEPOWER SHOP Coupons.

Bottom line:

Follow the above-explained points about e-bike products from Yose Sower shop. You must thoroughly understand the product and buy them today with Yose Sower shop.


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