TNUTZ Review of T Slotted Aluminum Hardware & Components:

Looking for the best T nuts, screws and other hardware accessories at a competitive price then visit the TNUTZ store to shop. The TNUTZ team accepts popular debit and credit card payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express etc. Shop the TNUTZ products over $250 using TNUTZ Coupon Code to avail TNUTZ free shipping. In different offline TNUTZ locations, the shoppers can purchase accessories.

TNUTZ Product Reviews:

ST - 010 - 10 Series Standard T Nut

There are two types of differently coated T- nuts. Black zinc coated on Imperial thread T-Nuts and bright zinc coated on metric thread T-Nuts. To purchase the 10 Series Standard T Nuts with a low price tag using TNUTZ Coupon Code. Compare TNUTZ Vs 8020 to select which is the best brand to purchase T Nuts.

10 Series 2 Hole Inside Corner Bracket:

For 10 and 25 series extrusions, the 10 Series 2 Hole Inside Corner Brackets are easy to fit. With 6105-T5 Aluminum material, the corner brackets are manufactured. 0.875″ x 1″ x 1″ are the 2 Hole Inside Corner Bracket dimensions and it comes with a thickness of 188″ (3/16″).

Black Plastic Handle with Mounting Hardware:

For wood and sheet metal cabinets, the plastic handles can be used. The Plastic Handle weighs about 1 lbs. For 80/20 #2061, T-SLOTS #655059, Frame-World #EF-15-B, the TNUTZ Black Plastic Handle with Mounting Hardware are equivalent. If you want to buy in large quantities, then feel free to contact the TNUTZ customer service team.

Final Thoughts:

For popular brands like Maytec, Mainframe, Frameworld, Parker the TNUTZ hardware components are compatible. With best discounts, buy the corner brackets, extrusions, 10 series, 15 series, 40 series and 45 series T nuts with valid TNUTZ Coupon Code & TNUTZ Discount Code.


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