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The LED is the most powerful light source had its application in various domains across the world. These LED lighting solutions will consume less power and less technical complex. Your vehicle should have a clear light to avoid intense accidents. You should have the perfect lighting to enhance the enjoyment of the special events. LED Factory Mart is the ultimate option for your lighting needs. This store also provides headlights for premium brands of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. LED Factory Mart also provides effective indoor and outdoor lightings. This store has customer-centric services and supports. LED Factory Mart has a wide range of customers from all categories of society. 

Importance of cost-effective LED Factory Mart Coupons:

LED Factory Mart provides advanced headlights for your expensive vehicles. This store also provides solar lighting and indoor lighting to your house. LED Factory Mart also provides effective outdoor lighting for your offices. LED Factory Mart Coupons are available in most of the online coupons sites. The LED Factory Mart provides budget discounts to the coupons. LED Factory Mart provides these coupons to bring better lighting options for your vehicle and home.

LED Factory Mart Reviews:

7” 75w Cree LED High Light:

This is the LED headlight with a bright source. This led light can be used for a jeep type of four-wheelers. This Light has the option to switch between a high or low beam.


This headlight is suitable for the jeep model from the year 1997 to 2020. This light has the sleek bezel for easy fitting into the vehicle. 

  • The IP rating for this light is IP68
  • The intensity temperature in 6500k for effective brightness
  • Strong stainless steel bracket
  • This light suitable for the limited model
  • The range of beam is somewhat low
  • Only limited headlight bracket ios available for 2018-2020 models

High Power CREE LED Spot Searchlight:

The spot searchlight can be used for several purposes. You can use this light as the reading light in your workplace. This light can also be used in an assembly line that assembles sensitive parts.


This light is operated using the remote. The remote can be used to adjust the position of the light and intensity of the light. This light can be easily bonded with a metallic surface.

  • Made with lightweight aluminum alloy
  • This light has a lifespan of 30,000 hours 
  • This light is suited for hunting and camping
  • The durability of the spare parts is less
  • Limit length power card
  • The beam is focused at a single point

10W Wireless LED Flood Light:

The floodlight has more extensive usage in all workplaces. This floodlight gives high-intensity light in the indoors.


This floodlight can be photographers for effective lighting. The night time construction also uses these lights to avoid accidents. 

  • This light is chargeable
  • This light can function for 4 hours once full charge is done
  • This light has perfect for indoor shootings 
  • The angle of the light is limited
  • The Endurance of the body is very low
  • The battery life is short

Select the Advanced Lighting Solutions at

LED Factory Mart satisfies your all lighting needs. The lightings can be fitted into your premium model vehicles manufactured in recent years. This store provides cost-effective lighting to all types of construction and manufacturing units. 


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