Intellytech LED Lighting for Professional Photography & Video Making:

In Colorado, the Intellytech USA company is located. For movies, video shootings and photography, the Intellytech team supplies LED lighting for a fair price. The Intellytech Litecloth, Intellytech Pocket Cannon, Intellytech Fast Frames and Intellytech Lights meet the highest quality standards when compared to other LED lighting brands. For best offers, apply the Intellytech Coupons at the checkouts. The Intellytech customer support team is available at any instant of time.

Intellytech Reviews of Products:

Intellytech LiteCloth LC - 160:

Through a 22’’x22’’ and 24’’x24’’ Intellytech litecloth surface area, the light is emitted. The Intellytech LiteCloth  CRI/TLCI score is more than 95 and the color range is in between  3,000k-10,000k. The customers can get a one year warranty on all the Intellytech USA products. Apply the verified Intellytech Coupons for attractive savings.

Intellytech Fast Frame FF-5x6.5SB | Black Negative Fill / Silver:

Along with the Intellytech Fast Frame FF-5x6.5SB | Black Negative Fill / Silver, you will get a carrying bag to carry the Intellytech fast frame safely to any location. Within a few seconds, you can finish the setup procedure. One side of the Intellytech Fast Frame has a Negative Fill and the other side is designed with silver reflective material.

Intellytech Light Cannon F-165 Bi-Color:

The Intellytech Light Cannon - F-165 Bi-Color - Portable, High Output 165W LED 5" Fresnel - W/ DMX costs $699. The maximum capability of Intellytech Light Cannon is 50 degrees. The Intellytech Light Cannon F 165 Bi Color gives an output of 165 watts. To shoot in large areas, the Intellytech Light Cannon series is the best choice and gives you amazing results.

Intellytech Pocket-V | 98Wh | V-Mount Battery:

The 98Wh Intellytech Pocket V Battery has a dimensions of 3.9" x 2.75" x 1.9" and weighs around one pound. If the customers were not satisfied with the Intellytech batteries, they may apply for refunds within 15 days from the product delivered.

Final Thoughts:

Avail the excellent Intellytech LED Lighting and Battery Solutions for a reasonable cost with Intellytech Coupons. The filmmakers, photographers and video makers can solve their poor lighting problems with the Intellytech lighting gear. You may read the genuine customer Intellytech reviews on the official website


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