Craighill Keyrings & Puzzle Reviews & Ratings 2020:

Craighill was founded in 2015, is a New York-based company that develops and manufactures enduring objects that ignite a sense of wonder. Craighill have found object-conscious people carefully consider crafting their work environment. Maybe it is the pen, the notebook, the key, the calculator, and the cutting tool. Craighill are big believers in making lists and sketching ideas and providing new tools.  Aim to build more high-quality pieces that are elegant and affordable and to build a strong body of work at a steady pace.

Sigma Touch Tool:

Sigma touch tool is a timely instrument that interacts with high-touch surfaces. It is made up of metal brass and is an alluring merger of utility and style. Sigma tool is a new way of moving through the world rapidly – an added layer of protection and a striking artifact of a strange time. A simple tactile instrument helps to mitigate the spreading of germs after pressing a button or opening a door. Craighill tool navigates the physical world with greater awareness.

Cal Bookend:

The Cal Bookend is composed of two steel rods; it is a clean architectural solution for keeping your prized volumes upright and organized. The two steel rods elegantly bend across each other and are locked into place by a single bolt. The efficiency of the design is highlighted and ensures the stable hold for even the largest of tomes.

Craighill Puzzle:

Mini Jack Puzzle: The stature comes an increased challenge and the six-piece puzzle is portable, beautiful, and maddeningly difficult. If you thrive on frustration, the Mini Jack Puzzle is the one for you.

Jack Puzzle: The six different notched brass bars interlock in one specific way to create a unified “jack” shape. It weighs just over one pound and seems like a desk object, a paperweight, and a true distraction. It is exactingly milled by a skilled machinist and measures 3” X 3” X 3” assembled. The Solid Cartridge Brass is made up of an alloy 260 – 70% copper and 30% zinc.

Venn Puzzle: It comprises three identical pieces, die-cast stainless steel and weighing almost two pounds. It is a beautiful mechanical puzzle and a surprisingly difficult dexterity challenge puzzle. The assemble puzzle creates a perfect sphere and intriguing addition to your desk, shelf, or coffee table.

Ripple Opener:

Steel, Carbon black and brass: A classic church key-style bottle opener made up of stainless steel or Solid Brass that weighs .5lbs. Classic opener adds visual and tactile interest to purchase, and it is more satisfying to use. 

Press Vessel:

The Press Vessel is a worldly treasure, fashioned from precision-machined anodized aluminum. It is an airtight container used to store rare spices or heirloom jewelry. The press vessel is a very nice little home for treasures that evoke the feeling of the children to discover, collect, and hide their special rocks.

Bottom Line:

Craighill is a reputed company that provides a one-stop solution for classic products. The design is collaborated with visual artists and designers, to have the products' pretty clear functional imperative. It engages the noble pursuit of knowledge, fulfills, or perhaps material wealth, and outfits your work place with beautiful, satisfying tools.

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