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The AusAir company has started selling its products since 2017. It is a high-tech filtration mask company that sells filtration masks at all affordable prices. Safeguard yourself from harmful contaminants, viruses and bad odors present in the atmosphere by wearing Ausair masks. With the University of Sydney, the AusAir company jointly founded the AusAir. The AusAir face masks are reusable and available for purchase in multiple colors. To get ultimate discount offers on the AusAir products, make use of the AusAir Discount Code during checkouts. Compare the AusAir vs Airinum features before shopping at

Review of AusAir Products:

AusAir Airflex Mask:

The AusAir Airflex reusable masks come in black, grey and pink colors. For both adults and kids you can shop the AusAir Airflex mask pack for a lower price with AusAir Coupons. The ear loops of the mask are completely adjustable, masks are made with breathable material and gives you an amazing comfort experience even if you wore it the whole day.

What does the AusAir Airflex Mask Pack contain?

The AusAir Airflex Mask Pack contains 6 different items. Watch the assembly video given on AusAir official website to complete the assembly process. The list of products in the pack are:

  • Two Ear Loop Adjusters
  • Two Valve Block Outs
  • Two Blank Filters
  • One Antimicrobial Copper Carry Bag
  • One AirFlex Mask Skin
  • Two Exhalation Valves made of Stainless Steel material

AusAir Mask Filters:

The AusAir Replacement Filters cost $36. In small, medium and large sizes, purchase the AusAir filters with AusAir Coupon Code. The AusAir replacement filters give 99% filtration. With all the AusAir Airflex masks the filters are compatible. From the FDA approved MedTech lab, the AusAir filters are certified. Bacteria, vapours, bacteria and daunting viruses are filtered with the mask filters. The shoppers can purchase the replacement filters in tasmanian lavender, coastal tea tree and sydney eucalyptus fragrances.

Final Words:

The AusAir mask is machine washable, the cushioned ear loops leave no pain on your ears. Feel free to read the AusAir Mask Reviews if you are a new buyer to shop in the AusAir online store. On AusAir Mask Amazon, AusAir Mask UK orders grab more offers with AusAir Discount Code.


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