Maintain healthy distancing by using Aura Aware Smart Distance Devices:

In these pandemic days, it is essential to keep distancing so that you can avoid the spreading virus. Aura Aware was invented by five seasoned entrepreneurs who mutually bought a decision that in this unprecedented time it requires an unprecedented solution. As they created a pleasant six feet society as there were more or adequate people started to visit it. The focus of the Aura Aware is to launch a six-foot movement that is a meaningful and profitable work to production facilities.  The product invented is the best thing in this pandemic situation as the product is helpful to maintain distance. The aura aware app is downloadable from google play store in your android and ios phones. The aura aware patent technology remains to maintain proper distancing the events you participate.

Aura Aware Coupons for best savings:

On Aura Aware UK, Aura Aware China and Aura Aware IKEA orders, the shoppers may avail ultimate discounts using Aura Aware Coupon Code. Make a best decision to grab the best Aura Aware Coupons from available online websites. Especially reduce Aura Aware price in India with the latest Aura Aware Coupon Code. The Aura Aware Discount Code & Aura Aware Promo Code assist the customers to reduce their cart value.

Aura Aware Review:

What Aura Aware Oak White & Mahogany Gold do:

  • The Aura Aware company produces a product that creates technology enabling the 6-foot distancing society.
  • The motto of the Aura Aware is to empower humanity that comes together at exactly the right distance.
  • The Aura Aware distance device is not something that is not by locking you or creating a physical barrier. With the help of technology, it paved the way to produce alertness that respects social distancing.
  • The product of Aura Aware helps society by preserving awareness, causing alertness, and offers a third-party eye on the products.

Aura Aware Oak White:

  • The distance can be maintained by Oak White distance alter systems that will help the employees working in the organization by partnered technology that scans the room defect and that will help to maintain a 6 foot distance by giving alertness.
  • The working of the Aura Aware Oak White is by giving red alters remainders to the employees and customers if they are not at a six-foot distance.
  • The green alter makes the perfect six-foot distance that ensures perfect distance maintained.
  • It has an optional feature of the sound that alters at 90 cm or closer and the sound alters are available in any language.

Aura Aware Smart Distancing Device Specifications:

  • Aura Aware Oak White & Mahogany Gold is made in Europe which is a Duct design.
  • It can be measured with a length of 20 cm, a height of 25.5 cm, and a depth of 3,9 cm. as this specification makes the detector a unique one.
  • The power supply given is via micro USB that has included the specification output between 5 V to 1 A.
  • The power supply is included and its adapter may differ from the images.
  • As soon as you open the box it starts working.
  • There is a preferred app that will help you to adjust the preferred distance and sound settings of the product.


This product is designed in such a way that gives aesthetic design with a wooden finished base plate that will be perfectly matched with many interior designs. Smart distancing helps the employees and customers to maintain a healthy distance.

Wrapping it up:

Therefore, this is a product that is offered by Aura Aware that helps people to maintain a 6-foot distance. In this pandemic day, this product is essential in any organization and company that helps maintain proper social distancing. Thus place an order from Aura Aware to maintain a healthy distancing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Aura Aware Coupons work?

The genuine Aura Aware coupon codes surely work in lowering the cart price. Check twice before applying the Aura Aware Discount Code in the payments page. From trusted online sites like Daily Reviews you can grab the valid Aura Aware Coupons.

2. How to get the latest deals from Aura Aware?

The shoppers may subscribe to Aura Aware newsletter with your email id and name. On a monthly/ weekly basis, the customers will get exclusive Aura Aware Promo Code, latest offers. You can activate the best deals using Aura Aware Coupons.

3. Can I turn off the Aura Aware device?

Unfortunately the Aura Aware device has no on/off button. Once you unplug the Aura Aware Smart Distancing device it automatically turns off. The minimum power required for Aura Aware is 5 VDC - 1A. To start it again, just put on the plug in the socket.

4. Is the Aura Aware shipping cost high?

The Aura Aware shipping charge is very reasonable. The shipping cost to deliver Aura Aware devices is not the same for all the locations. The shipping charge varies based on the customer's location. It takes 1-2 weeks to deliver the Aura Aware BV product to your respective location.


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